A team of over 20 developers, researchers and data managers develops, supports and continuously improves the software. Furthermore we have a large community of international and national partners supporting the project.

The MOLGENIS teams enable new software development, hosting, data management support and advice. In addition we coordinate a wider community of users, sponsors and enthusiasts. We look forward to hear about your experiences with MOLGENIS and suggestions for improvement. Please help us to improve MOLGENIS and send your feedback and ideas to: You can also post your ideas open source at GitHub.


MOLGENIS was initiated and is currently coordinated by Prof.Dr. Morris Swertz of the Genomics Coordination Center (GCC), kindly hosted by the Department of Genetics of the University Medical Center Groningen. Please contact at: MOLGENIS is funded by a large range of public projects from various academic sponsors (see PartnerS below).

Scientific Advisory Board MOLGENIS development is strategically guided by an independent international Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) who provide solicited and unsolicited scientific and strategic advice. Also, they highlight critical issues and emerging global trends in academia where MOLGENIS could fill a gap or meet a need and help the MOLGENIS team to push forward FAIR data and FAIR data stewardship in a national and international context, in particular in human data research, biobanking and rare disease. The SAB consists of 3 independent members who are appointed for 2 years and who are currently being appointed. The SAB meets twice a year and the next SAB meeting is scheduled for Q1 2019. Due to the public funding of MOLGENIS, no compensation, apart from traveling costs will be available to the board members.”

User groups In addition to strategic advice MOLGENIS also has several user communities guiding its development. These groups are managed by the respective communities, and often change dynamically following changes in funded project. For example, there is a Dutch biobank user group and a European directory user forum. We plan to expand these user engagement activities to ensure optimal allocation of the limited development resources.

Hosting and support

MOLGENIS is free to download and install yourself. You can also get a MOLGENIS instance ready for use from us. We can also provide support with entering and managing your data. Please contact us for details and costs.

Genomics Coordination Center (GCC)
University Medical Center Groningen
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MOLGENIS is used by, developed in collaboration with and funded by:

In addition we greatly thank in-kind contribution from several commercial parties: